What can The Pipe do for you?

The Pipe is a Formpipe portal for support and product communications. This portal is a simple and effective tool for reporting of support issues where also release documentation, hot fixes, knowledgebase, and FAQ is to be found. Support requests are easily created and monitored by you as a partner or customer with support contract with Formpipe Software.


New information

We have in our work with ISO 27001 and GDPR seen a need for more clear acceptance from customer before looking on data and personal data. To cover this need we have implemented a checkbox for this. We have at the same time implemented a checkbox for investigation outside contract.
You don't need to fill this in until asked but could be checked in advance to speed up the process if you know these will be needed.

Vi har i vårt arbete med ISO 27001 och GDPR valt att tydliggöra godkännande för att titta på data inkl personuppgifter samt godkännande för felsökning mot debitering genom att införa två nya kryssrutor på ärenden.
Dessa behöver inte fyllas i förrän vi efterfrågar dem men ett ärende kan skyndas på genom att fylla i dem i förväg om ni vet att de kommer behövas