What is The Pipe?

The Pipe is the Formpipes support portal regarding the following products:

  • W3D3
  • Platina
  • Long-Term Archive
  • Meetings Plus
  • Document Converter
  • Portal

If you need support for any of our other products, please visit our website where you can find contact information. If you are unsure of what product you are using or where to go for support – dont hesitate to give us a call +46 8 555 290 60 or send us an email support.se@formpipe.com and we will make sure you end up at the right place.


In order to be compliant with our ISO routines and the GDPR law we have added two checkboxes to our support card. This is a way for you to accept that we, in order to perform investigation in your environment, may see personal data. We have also added another checkbox that you can use to accept that we do billable work.

You do not need to check theese boxes in advance - we will ask for your permission when its needed.

Change log

Change log - 2019-11-29

 - Checkboxes for account type added on registration page.
 - Bug fix for displaying xml-tags in comments.

Change log - 2019-10-28

 - Prevented double post of comments when reloading case.
 - Same sender is now used on all e-mails originiating from The Pipe.
 - Removing full path for uploaded files when using Internet Explorer

Change log - 2019-10-17

- Language support in web site with support for English and Swedish
- Redesigned interface
- Responsive ui with mobile design
- Upload multiple files at once (multi-select in file dialog)
- Case lists remembers filters, sort order and pagination settings
- Column for "Product" added in case lists.
- Column for "Product" and "Customer" is only visible if they contain more than one distinct value
- Bug fixes